Reusable Water Balloons – Why Your Kid Should Buy, Not You

So your kid wants you to buy reusable water balloons?

Picture of reusable water balloons

STOP. Don’t spoil them, again! Make them buy these on their own.

Introducing a NEW way to shop: kids buy the things they want… but only once they’ve saved enough money on their own.

Parents approve purchases, but kids do the rest. Getting that thing they want is totally up to them!

Try the new Ketshop shopping app with your kids today and get up to $10 off your first order.

So, what is Ketshop?

Ketshop is the only place where kids can buy parent-approved products - like reusable water balloons - all by themselves.

How it works

We help parents set boundaries, so kids don’t need to beg. With Ketshop, the answer is always “yes."

Curate a custom shop for each kid

Parents and kids can manage what items are in the shop. Keep track of the products you both love.

Send virtual money

Perfect for allowances, chores, or just because! No more lost coins.

Children work towards a goal.

Ketshop encourages kids to save up to reach their goals, and kids can't spend more than they have,

Kids have real purchasing power

Kids choose what to buy, and parents must approve purchases, so there's no unwanted surprises!

Our Mission

At Ketshop, our goal is to make shopping with kids a better experience… for everyone involved.

We know that shopping with kids can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help. Ketshop provides clear boundaries that reduce conflict and make shopping enjoyable and educational.

We believe that making a purchase is an opportunity to teach kids how to make smart choices with their money. By helping kids budget, save, and spend responsibly, Ketshop empowers the next generation to become responsible and mindful consumers.

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