The Fallible Man: Raise your kids to be money smart.

Welcome, The Fallible Man listeners! Ketshop teaches kids to save, spend, and give through real-world experience.

Listeners of the "Fallible Man Podcast" podcast get $10 off their first Ketshop-fulfilled order.

If you are a fan of parenting podcasts, you already understand it’s important to teach your child life skills. With Ketshop, you’re setting your child up for a successful future by allowing them to save, spend, and give at a young age. Ketshop provides a safe and controlled environment for your child to buy things for themselves, using their own money. Parents set boundaries by pre-approving the items children can buy, empowering your kids to make their own decisions. 

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So, what is Ketshop?

Ketshop is the only place where kids can buy parent-approved products, all by themselves.

How it works

We help parents set boundaries, so kids don’t need to beg. With Ketshop, the answer is always “yes."

Curate a custom shop for each kid

Include only the things they’ll love… and you will too.

Send virtual "money" to your kids

Perfect for allowances, chores, or just because!

Kids learn to work towards their goals.

Ketshop encourages kids to save up to reach their goals, and kids can't spend more than they have,

Kids have real purchasing power

Both parents and kids agreed on an item, so there's no unwanted surprises.

Our Mission

At Ketshop, our goal is to make shopping with kids a better experience… for everyone involved.

We know that shopping with kids can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help. Ketshop provides clear boundaries that reduce conflict and make shopping enjoyable and educational.

We believe that making a purchase is an opportunity to teach kids how to make smart choices with their money. By helping kids budget, save, and spend responsibly, Ketshop empowers the next generation to become responsible and mindful consumers.

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