August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

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An inside look at Ketshop

It seems like every month we’re learning more about what our users want. In July, we started prototyping these important features and hope to release them soon. Here are some of the biggest improvements:

  • Offering you the ability to add items from other stores, like a registry.
  • Allowing you to add your own custom items or experiences.
  • Enabling you to share your family’s shops with friends and family.

These changes are major shifts in our business model, so it will take a little time to get it right. We’re excited to keep you in the loop and announce each of these new features soon!

In the news: motherly

At the end of July, I wrote an article about how I’ve been learning to let go and share control with my kids. It’s now published in, a fantastic publication that supports mothers in all stages of Parenthood. The story is about a 6 minute read, please check it out and share!


Cool Company Alert: Alltruists

Alltruists produces kid-friendly volunteer activity kits that educate and inspire, and make a real impact in the world. Every box gives back to worthwhile non-profits.

Five toys your kids won't get sick of

We've had 3 kids, and there are some toys that enter our home and leave a month later. Then there are the long-haulers: items that continue to bring joy year after year. Check out our Instagram roundup!

What busy parents can do to change the world

What are the most effective ways for busy parents to get involved in activism, to maximize their chances of success? Melinda Moyer provides parenting advice based on science-backed research. Find out how parents can make a change


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Mari Collins Harris, Ketshop co-founder, paints faces at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic
Cool People
Mari Collins Harris
2023 Teddy Bear Picnic

Ketshop was a proud sponsor at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic, an annual fundraiser for Tahoe’s Connection for Families. We had a blast painting faces and meeting our youngest community members!

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