January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter

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An inside look at Ketshop

Happy New Year! As we wrap up the holiday season, we’re finishing a lot of projects here at Ketshop. December was a big month for us: we added the ability for kids to “heart” their favorite items in their shop, so both parents and kids could track which products they like best. Hearting items has become a favorite pastime in our household, with our older kids essentially window shopping through the catalogue.

Venn diagram with "What Parents like" and "What kids want". The intersection is a heart, aka the wishlist.

Hearting enabled another much-requested feature: wishlists! A child’s wishlist contains items that parents have approved and kids have hearted, so everyone likes that product. This list can be shared with friends and family, who can contribute to their savings and see their favorite items!


Parents' ultimate guide to videogames

The question for today is this: in general, does playing video games negatively impact kids’ mental health? The answer certainly surprised me.

The soft skill that predicts kids’ success more than IQ

IQ has long been valued as the most important factor in a person's success. But studies show this skill is more important - and anyone can learn it!

Your picky eater: Tips to cope with a child who rejects food

Here are some suggestions for getting picky eaters to open their minds – evidence-based tips for dealing constructively with a picky eater.


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Mari Collins Harris, Ketshop co-founder, paints faces at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic
Cool People
Mari Collins Harris
2023 Teddy Bear Picnic

Ketshop was a proud sponsor at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic, an annual fundraiser for Tahoe’s Connection for Families. We had a blast painting faces and meeting our youngest community members!

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