September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

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An inside look at Ketshop

As summer draws to a close, Nick and I are looking forward to keeping a more predictable schedule. This summer was filled with bikes, beach, friends, and chaos! That being said, the end of summer is always bittersweet, as most transitions are. 

Speaking of transitions, we’ve been working on a few big ones here at Ketshop. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the idea of “Parents choose, kids buy,” but in all honesty, we haven’t been seeing a lot of returning customers. That led us to believe the idea is good, but we’re not quite executing it right  – yet. So we’re shifting the way we’re doing our business:

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The freedom to choose

Currently, we are personally fulfilling every single one of your orders. Although we try to only source quality, educational products, obviously we cannot stock your child’s much desired, super-specific specialty item. 

To better accommodate your needs, Ketshop is pivoting to be more like a family registry. Parents will be able to search the web for any item and add them to their children’s shops. You can even create completely personalized products [or experiences!], and children can decide what they’ll buy.

Share with friends and family

Soon, you’ll be able to share a child’s shop with friends, family, or other kids. That means that Granny and Gramps will know exactly which items your family wants – instead of taking a gamble on a Baby Shark Karaoke set. 

Friends and family can also contribute towards a child’s savings, allowing your child to choose how to use those funds. This is a great option to teach kids the value of money – even when money is a gift, the act of budgeting helps children appreciate its value.

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Hear Ketshop on Mininimalist Moms Podcast, Ep:248

Ketshop on the Minimalist Moms Podcast

Last month, I had a great interview with Diane Boden, the host of the Minimalist Moms Podcast. We talked about the best ways to empower your children, managing choice overload, and how to be happier with less. Tune in September 20 to hear our interview!

Discovery corps

Charitable Family Vacations

Discover Corps offers immersive, small-group destinations. Each family-friendly trip is designed to positively impact travelers, communities, and wildlife.

young girl putting change into a piggybank

Money Patterns are Set by Age 7

Your kids observe your money behaviors, patterns, and attitudes, and learn through imitation from a very early age. Read some expert advice about how to set a good example for your kids.


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Mari Collins Harris, Ketshop co-founder, paints faces at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic
Cool People
Mari Collins Harris
2023 Teddy Bear Picnic

Ketshop was a proud sponsor at the 2023 Teddy Bear Picnic, an annual fundraiser for Tahoe’s Connection for Families. We had a blast painting faces and meeting our youngest community members!

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