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September 2022 Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, Nick and I are looking forward to keeping a more predictable schedule. This summer was filled with bikes, beach, friends, and chaos! That being said, the end of summer

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Parent and child both pointing at different options

Mo’ Choices, Mo’ Problems.

Pop quiz! Which of the following would you most like to eat:  It may have taken you a moment to decide, and maybe you aren’t so sure about your choice. Let’s try again. Would you

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Kid hugging his mom while playing blocks

August 2022 Newsletter

It seems like every month we’re learning more about what our users want. In July, we started prototyping these important features and hope to release them soon. Here are some of the biggest improvements: Offering

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July 2022 Newsletter

This month, we’ve been connecting with organizations that promote a more thoughtful approach to consumption. Minimalist parenting seeks to reduce the chaos – unloved toys, over-scheduled children, and other unnecessary complexities. You and your family

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A blue trash bag

The dreaded “Go Away Bag”

About two years ago, I discovered my #1 cleaning tool: the Go Away Bag. Like most parents, I was sick of nagging kids to clean up after themselves. Finally, when nothing was working, I went

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