A Fireside chat with Modern Mom Probs

Ketshop Cofounder Mari Collins Harris chats with Tara Clark of Modern Mom Probs podcast about empowering children to make their own choices

A fireside chat with Modern Mom Probs about empowering children to make their own choices

Ketshop Cofounder Mari Collins Harris interviewing with Modern Mom Problems podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Fireside app by Tara Clark from the Modern Mom Probs podcast, and we had a great conversation about my journey as a mompreneur, the origin story of Ketshop, and a variety of “modern mom probs” that I tackle in my own life. 

Modern Mom Prob #1: Freedom to choose, or making the right choice?

As a mom, I often found myself struggling to give my children the freedom to make their own choices and ensuring those choices were appropriate and responsible. This led Nick and I to create Ketshop, a platform that empowers parents to curate and support their children’s choices while also teaching them valuable financial skills.

Modern Mom Prob #2: Coins aren’t current anymore

During the interview, Tara asked me how to talk with my children about money, and I shared that having the conversation is the first step. We can’t expect our children to just follow in our footsteps or give them coins and hope they understand how money works. It’s important to teach kids to shop the way adults do, using the same tools and resources. Ketshop does just that by allowing kids to save, spend, and give using the a virtual interface, the same as modern adults.


Modern Mom Prob #3: Let kids make [safe] mistakes 

By giving children a set of curated options, parents can help guide them toward making responsible choices while also giving them the freedom to learn and grow from their mistakes. This takes some of the difficulty out of saying “yes” or “no” because it’s not up to the parent anymore, it’s up to the child. And seeing my own children grow and figure out how to run their own finances at a young age has been incredibly rewarding.

As Tara mentioned, teaching children about budgeting and economics can be a challenge, but by starting the conversation early and using tools like Ketshop, parents can help instill these important skills in their children from a young age. I’m grateful to Tara for having me on the show and for giving me the opportunity to share my story and the mission behind Ketshop.

Listen now on the Fireside app or YouTube


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