The Parenting Reset Podcast

Parenting isn't easy. On the Parenting Reset podcast, we discuss how Ketshop is providing a better way to teach responsibility, no matter your family structure.

On The Parenting Reset podcast, I spoke with host Therese Connolly about how we use Ketshop to reduce household stress and teach valuable life skills.


Resetting expectations for our children

I shared a store about how our son was constantly losing his mittens. We kept buying him new ones, but he would always manage to misplace them again. It became a frustrating cycle for both of us. We started buying him uglier and uglier “backup” mittens to discourage him from losing the normal ones. However, this didn’t work as well as we had hoped. Finally, we made him buy his own mittens, using his own money. At first, he was hesitant, but once he realized he could choose a pair he really liked, he became excited about the process. And the best part? He never lost those mittens again!

This experience highlights the power of giving our children responsibility for their own finances. It not only teaches them valuable lessons about money management, but it also encourages them to take better care of their possessions. 


Parenting in an age of abundance

We also discussed the concept of choice overload, where too many choices can lead to unhappy customers. Research has shown that offering children too many choices makes them less likely to engage with their final selection. What matters most is what you do with the item you choose. Ketshop addresses this problem by allowing parents to have a say in what enters the home, while still giving children the freedom to choose from a smaller, parent-approved set of options. This not only reduces the stress of decision-making, but it also ensures that parents have control over what comes into their home.


Single Parenting Reset with Ketshop

During the Parenting Reset podcast, we also talked about how Ketshop can help single or divorced parents. One of the challenges for separate households is keeping track of money that children receive or spend. Ketshop can help by keeping a log of all the money that kids receive or spend, making it easier for parents to track and manage their children’s finances.

Ketshop is the only app on the market that offers this unique combination of features, making it an essential tool for parents who want to teach their children about money management and responsibility while still maintaining control over what enters their home. It’s a win-win for both parents and children, as it promotes financial literacy and responsible decision-making.

Overall, my conversation with Therese on the Parenting Reset podcast was a great opportunity to share our experiences with Ketshop and how it has improved how our family functions. From teaching our children valuable lessons about money management to simplifying the process of tracking finances for single or divorced parents, Ketshop offers a range of benefits that can help families thrive.

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The Parenting Reset Podcast

Parenting isn’t easy. On the Parenting Reset podcast, we discuss how Ketshop is providing a better way to teach responsibility, no matter your family structure.

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